Crosby Marine Docks and Ramps

We construct, transport and install the very best docks, ramps and anchor systems on the market. Our docks, ramps and anchors are solid and rugged – built to withstand the effects of Time and Mother Nature.

Our top quality Steel Frame Docks and Ramps are built to your specifications. Our docks are built with 3/8″ Steel Pipes.

Decking is available in any material you choose. For maximum protection, we sand blast the steel and primer the pipe, then apply layers of epoxy coating. We also have removable zincs that are easy to replace at any time.

Crosby Marine Docks and Ramps are Green

crosby-marine-water-access-docks-rampsOur docks and ramps are ‘environmentally friendly’ and an ‘economical investment’ in your waterfront property. Not only will it increase the value of your property, but it will be a beautiful and welcome sight each time you arrive at your dock. We can top our floating steel frame with well fitted wood decking or with solid cement slab decking.

Our docks are far superior to Styrofoam, which will, without fail, absorb gas and oil and break apart. Not only that, the ravages of Mother Nature are constantly breaking the styrofoam billets and weakening the flotation capability of you dock. Styrofoam docks pollute our waterways – just look at the beaches littered with broken down styrofoam billets.

You need the piece of mind that comes with knowing your dock is in perfect condition, especially when you have expensive equipment on your dock or have your boat moored to it while you are away.

We build strong, long lasting docks and ramps.

We have the capability of installing anchor systems for your dock, and we can also install wood or steel pilings.

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